Fragile Handle With Care


I’d just got divorced and was interested in things that go wrong. This was a commemoration of the end of my marriage (which also included its fair share of broken glassware).

Do you have something you’d like to smash?
Do you have something significant you’d like to destroy forever?
Do you have something precious you’d like to break into tiny pieces?

I put this on posters around Salford in January and four people got in touch. I guaranteed their anonymity and they invited me into their homes. After an interview about an object they destroyed it. Everyday, extraordinary tales of women coping, defying, surviving, thriving. Photographs, texts and fragments of which were shown as part of the exhibition Everything I Know I Felt. 

When one thing breaks a million new pieces are made.

This was a Girl Gang Manchester commission for The Lowry. Photographs by Lucy Ridges and Annie Feng.