Moon Landings


A one to one performance inviting you to linger, wrapped in a foil blanket, to look back on planet earth, to stop and wonder at it all. From the safety and distance of the moon, what can you see?

A cloud change shape, a crossed out word, the smell of your cooking, where the air and hairs meet on the back of your neck, a Brazil nut in Brazil, a sigh in an office, a bridesmaid at a wedding, a paper aeroplane flying through an old people’s home.

I am struck by what sticks for a lifetime. I spend a lot of time in the future because I worked with people at the end of their lives. We time travel through our heads. 

Before I left, I had time for a quick drink, a Blue Moon, naturally, and zoomed off for the last train to Manchester, planet Earth.

Commissioned by SLAP, York. Made with support from The Future. Photos by SLAP.