Rózà is a multimedia performance based on the letters of Rosa Luxemburg interspersed with the current political situation in Brazil.

Luxemburg’s letters reveal the person behind the politics and what it is like to live a political movement and be an activist. Rózà is cinema, installation and punk rock that has toured across Brazil to occupied schools, social movements, rural towns and theatre festivals.

Rózà is a collaboration between artists from all art forms: sound, music, film, theatre and performance in São Paulo, Brazil. Featuring footage from recent protests and political events in Brazil, interviews with people on the street and in refugee camps in Europe. It poses the same questions that Rosa Luxemburg asked one hundred years before about freedom and power, capitalism and socialism, globalisation and imperialism, war and peace, humanity and nature; with an urgency and super relevance of the world around us today.

Rózà premièred at Curitiba Theatre Festival in April 2014 had two seasons at Casa do Povo and a tour with Circuito Cultural Paulista, performed at Tempo Festival in Rio de Janeiro 2015 and won the Ze Renato prize to tour a selection of high schools that were occupied by students in Sao Paulo 2016.

You can visit the Rózà site here and my blog about the process of this international collaboration here. Photos by Marilia Scharlach.