The Secret Life of You and Me Show


On the night of my thirtieth birthday I presented my first solo show, The Secret Life of You and Me.

It is a live scrapbook inspired by my experience of working with people with dementia, conversations with strangers and a long-distance relationship, made on the brink of what felt like a monumental birthday and all the stuff that comes with that.

I toured The Secret Life of You and Me around the UK until 2018, when, like a delayed letter, it finally arrived in Brazil and I adapted it and did it in Portuguese. It was the best strangest version of it, so true and painstaking, delayed and weird. Perfect.

When I was 25 my hair started falling out. I thought I had anaemia like everyone else. But I was bored. My hair was bored. My hair was so bored it was leaving my head. So I left it behind…

Supported by hÅb and The Lowry. Developed with support from Works Ahead, Contact, University of Salford, UCLan and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. To gain an insight into the process you can read the daily (ish) blog here. Film by People Staring. Photos by Roshana Rubin Mayhew and Maria Tuca Fanchin.