Give and Take


Part Carmen Miranda, part Hitchcock’s The Birds, a terrifying walk with chips at the mercy of local seagulls. 

Made with artist Kerry Morrison on Llandudno promenade this was a foray into the unknown. The crowds flocked, the gulls circled, the chips cooled.

For Kerry it was an exploration of how we, us humans, are part of nature. But, unlike any other living organism, we have evolved in a way that seems to have set us apart from nature.

For me it was an examination of gift, of putting your heart on the line and surrender to the elements.

When Kerry and I met in the centre of the promenade; without speaking we removed each other’s’ headgear and sat at the end of the pier and wrote an immediate response to the event.

A performance commissioned by Cornerhouse & Paul Hamlyn Foundation with Kerry Morrison. Video by People Staring.